5 Biggest Problems Businesses Face When Trying To Get Business Loans or Equities From $3 Million to $25 Million up to $250 Million:


  1. Lack of Planning A good investment grade business plan has proven to be critical to the success of
    a new or existing business. The better you plan, the better your chances of communicating to stakeholders
  2. and succeed in getting the required funds and performance in time. Is your business model right?
  3. Too Many Hassles and Turn Around Time Too Long. How to do it right the first time?
  4. Lack of Administrative Assistance with the necessary expertise. How to do it right the first time?
  5. Hidden Costs. How to   present the right information the first time?
  6. Confusing Options in an environment of information over-load. Which one is the right for you?

Capital Management Group(CMG) services can help you address these issues.